Smart Mom Home Cleaning Planner

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What if keeping your home clean was as simple as following an easy checklist?

What if you could focus on your cleaning priorities and get the work done faster because you had a clear plan to get your cleaning done?

No more questioning what to clean first or where to start.

No more starting one task, then jumping to another before you finish. Just follow the checklist.

Easily divide your cleaning tasks based on the time you have available to work. Just pick a room and complete one or two checklists.

Get your kids to help with cleaning, too. Give them a checklist and they will know exactly what you expect done.

Imagine how nice it would be to have a clean home every day, every week.

The Smart Mom Home Cleaning Planner is a done-for-you home cleaning planner with 12 checklists that simplify your home cleaning and put an end to your cleaning overwhelm. In this planner, you will get checklists for every room in your home to get your cleaning done quickly.

Here's what's included:

  • 12 done-for-you cleaning checklists for every room in your home
  • A clear plan to get your home cleaning finished
  • Note pages for reminders
  • It's reusable - use it now, reprint to organize your cleaning every month

Finally, a simple plan to get your home cleaning done with the Smart Mom Home Cleaning Planner. Get your copy today!

Instant digital download (nothing is shipped).

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Smart Mom Home Cleaning Planner


i have not started but read and look at it

Very Detailed

This planner from Smart Mom is so detailed! I can't find anything missing, though there are spaces provided that enable you to write in any additional tasks that may be needed for customization of your specific needs. I'm so pleased with this download that I intend to put it into a 3-ring binder so I can refer to the pages whenever necessary.


I love the printables by smart mom life. they help so much and this cleaning planner is just awesome